December School Holiday Parcels

One of the ways CFB can find families that require support is by working with its partners, such as the local schools. In the past few weeks, schools such as St. Thomas, Devonshire Road Primary, St James, Clarendon School, Tonge Moore Academy, Gaskell, Harper Green and Pikes Lane. Each reached out to request parcels to help families who may struggle during the holiday period. 

We were overwhelmed by the dramatic request of schools to ask for a CFB record high of 178 parcels. However, our volunteers sprung rapidly into action undeterred and worked to place an order with stores to go into the parcel.

Illume Education, one of our partners, arranged for their classes to collect donations for them to go into our parcels as well as small handwritten messages to the recipients. We are grateful to have partners like Illume who make working together seamless. We are also grateful for ASDA Astley Bridge and Christine who partially funded the project by donating £855 via the ASDA Foundation.

Due to supply issues on Sunday 12th December, two team members travelled to Bestway and purchased additional products from primary partners. Simultaneously another group of volunteers made their way to Aldi Higher Bridge St. and collected their orders. We would like to extend a massive thank you to the store manager, Ben, who helped us arrange for the large purchase at short notice and kept us updated even on his days off. 

We called on volunteers across Bolton and beyond, all who arrived on Sunday morning ready to help. We called on Krimmz Youth Scouts, who attended and joined the collective effort. Volunteers unloaded all the items and started to prepare the delivery boxes. 

Our volunteers prepped, packed and loaded the 178 parcels into our storage facility, working from 9 am to 4 pm that afternoon and spending approx. £2,400 in one day. Suffice to say an incredible effort by all involved and an enormous thank you to each and everyone who volunteered.

The end result was that the team was able to provide all 178 parcels to schools across Bolton. CFB continues to deliver parcels to those in poverty, and we greatly appreciate the generosity shown by the community donors and volunteers. With the support of our community, CFB were able to pack 178 parcels to schools across Bolton.

Step by step, we hope to continue this initiative and encourage local schools to contact us if you feel your students and families would be given succour by such a partnership. We would also like to thank all of our corporate partners who sponsored these parcels and our ongoing activities.

If you are aware of a school or an organisation that would benefit from a similar project, please do get in touch.

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