Easter Holiday School Food Parcels

During the Easter holidays, Crescent Food Bank partnered with St Thomas’ (Halliwell) and St James Primary CofE School (Farnworth) in order to provide 25 food parcels for students of both schools. Working with both schools CFB were able to coordinate exact requirements for all children and put together all of the parcels for them then to be delivered.

All 25 parcels packed and prepared

St Thomas and St James identified families that may require food support and presented their requirements to CFB. Just prior to the Easter break, our team prepared 25 food parcels to support families of both St Thomas and St James Primary over the Easter holidays. These parcels were then delivered to the schools and passed on to the families identified.

The impact of the community donations and support was felt first hand when CFB received handwritten thank you letters from some of the children receiving food parcels. We would like to thank Mrs Abigail Fieldin of St Thomas’ and Ms Debra McKinnon of St James CofE in helping to arrange this project. 

They can see that the best of intentions was clearly displayed from CFB. The parcel was well organised and thought out as the milk was next to the cereal and all the items were products which the families would enjoy. Not just a standard food parcel. They really appreciated it and without a doubt will put smiles on alot of faces.

St James Primary CofE School

We hope to continue this initiative prior to all school holidays by providing food support where required. If you feel your student’s and their families would be helped by such a partnership then feel free to get in touch with us. 

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