March – Project End Period Poverty

We, at Crescent Food Bank, have a mission to try to alleviate poverty from our community, with our efforts primarily focused on food poverty. However, with the rise of the Covid-19 crisis and the loss of income, this has led to strains on many individuals and households, namely, on feminine health and hygiene. Unfortunately, many in our community are struggling to take care of their basic personal hygiene. Periods are a normal part of life and it is increasingly recognised that good menstrual health is an essential component to wellbeing. This is where we want to make a difference.

So, what is period poverty?

Period poverty is the lack of access to hygiene products due to financial constraints; this can be caused by a wide range of life events.

It is estimated that, 1 in 10 girls are unable to afford hygiene products; 1 in 7 have to ask to borrow sanitary wear from a friend due to affordability issues; 1 in 10 have to improvise sanitary wear; and over 137,000 children across the UK have missed school days due to period poverty.

Over 50% of the population are affected, and yet to this day, periods are still considered a taboo subject.

So, what are we doing?

We are working together to support Bolton at Home in helping to raise awareness of this matter and to collect female hygiene products from our community.

Members of the community who are struggling to purchase the relevant hygiene products can sign up with Bolton at Home in order to receive them each month, starting from March. Crescent Food Bank are collecting products for the month of March only which will then be passed over to Bolton at Home.


We will be collecting donations on 27th and 28th March between the hours of 13:00 – 16:00.


You can donate products to us at our premises. Female volunteers will be present to collect your donations. You can also donate via our justgiving page.

The Mill,
Prospect St,

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