What do we do?

Crescent Food Bank has a wide number of aims and objectives but at the heart of our mission is to relieve poverty from Bolton and neighbouring areas. We have decided to focus our efforts primarily on food poverty which is a fundamental requirement for every household. We do this is 5 stages; Collect, Sort, Identify, Distribute and Monitor.

  • Community Donations

    Members of the community like yourself donate to our food bank and share the message, vision and mission by pooling resources into one service. We then take those donations and distribute to our service users

  • Collect & Sort

    We sort the items in to categories and go through our quality evaluation. We ensure there is adequate life in the product and in the process of donation, transporting the products have not been damaged. These items are then stored within our secure and safe facility where our fulfillment team can begin the work of assembling the hampers

  • Identify Users

    Working alongside our welfare partners, we network our services to members of the public and find suitable in-need families and individuals which we can then provide tailor-made hampers to. Once a welfare partner refers a service user, we discuss requirements and supplementary opportunities like benefits and counselling

  • Collate & Distribute

    Once a service user has discussed their circumstance with us, we then arrange for a collection or delivery with them. They will then receive their hamper to be able to support their family through the kind work of our volunteers and donations of our community and corporate partners

  • Improve & Learn

    Once the food parcel has been provided, we then keep in touch with our service users and our welfare partners to ensure we do what we can to try and support the family/individual in tackling the root issues they are facing.

    Crescent Food Bank is always looking to improve and at the then end of our process we review how we did and conduct a survey with our users to find what could be better suited for them. Do they need more assistance tackling their root issues or need different welfare provisions? We can then take these points and implement changes to our processes

Monthly Projects

Each month we work with our corporate partners in order to develop initiatives our community can participate and support us with. We outline our goals and objectives of each project and develop a strategy to execute effective change. Below you can see our monthly project.

Current Project
Eid-ul-Adha Toy Drive

As part of our wider objectives to support families in difficult circumstances, we are collecting toys to gift to children for Eid-ul-Adha.

The toys will be gifted to families who we have supported over the last few months, as well as schools, hospices and hospitals. Help us celebrate the joyous occasion by working together to bring joy to children's lives.

Events & Drop-ins

Below you can find any events, drop-in sessions or workshops we organise and how to register/attend them. Working with out welfare partners we are able to arrange sessions like those listed below for our service users.

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